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Tree Selection Tips

We know that planting a tree is a big deal. This is a very important decision and significant investment. When you deal with LaSalle Landscape Supply, we will spend the personal and necessary time with you to ensure that you select a tree variety, shape and size appropriate to your particular circumstances.

Until you visit our location, consider some the following points to help us help you:

  • Tree function

    Why is the tree being planted? Is it to provide shade or privacy? It is to be a unique addition to your landscape?

  • Location and size

    Where are you planning on putting your new tree? What size would work best in the preferred location? Measure the space both length and width.
    Bring in a basic sketch.

  • Mother Nature

    Note the direction of the sun from dawn to dusk. Is there a predominate wind direction? Is the area more sun or shade or both?

  • Soil condition

    Do you know what kind of soil you have? What about drainage or standing water?

  • Form and shape

    Basic shapes are pyramidal, full crown, vase, fountain, spreading, layered, columnar and weeping. Are you aware of the mature shape of the tree you might like?

  • Special conditions

    Does the tree need to be tolerant of special conditions like winter salt, street pollution or slope challenges? Are critters involved?

  • Decorative

    Do you have a color in mind? Unique or unusual items to make your property different? Are you going to add flower beds or other future permanent elements to your property?

When choosing a tree, it is useful to think to the future when the tree reaches full maturity. You would not want to install a tree that may become overwhelming and then be faced with having to move it…or worse!


Q: For Do-It-yourself work, are there planting instructions available?

Yes, we have detailed planting guidelines that we can offer to you.

Q. Do you offer the supplies I might need for successful planting?

Yes, we have stakes, fertilizer and wire ties kits; and our planting instructions will also be helpful.

Q: Do I have to call the utilities before I plant my tree?

Yes, you must!! —it would be very bad if you were to cut into any cables or gas lines. Use ‘Ontario One Call’ 1-800-400-2255. This service will confirm the clearance of any obstacles in the area where you want to plant your new tree.

Q: Do you offer design service, construction and installation of designs if we change our mind and prefer not to do-it-ourselves?

Yes, we will work with you on a design and installation depending on the size of the project, or we can refer you to our associate company, Garlatti Landscape Inc.

Q: Do you warranty my own installation of a tree or shrub?

Sorry...we warranty only those that we plant for you.