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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How are trees priced and sold? Shade or deciduous trees are normally sold by the calliper of trunk size in mm or inches; whereas coniferous or evergreen trees are normally sold by height in cm or feet and priced accordingly.
  • How do I choose the right tree for my property and location? There are a number of considerations you need to keep in mind. Go to Selection Tips or DIY in this site for a guide. Also, contact us, and we’ll make sure you get the right tree!
  • When is the best time to plant a tree? Trees are best planted in the spring, early summer or fall because of all the natural moisture and rain available, but can also be planted in the warm summer months as long as you provide water to the tree each week.
  • What form of payment do you accept? We accept debit, credit card, cash or check for payment.
  • Will you plant a tree that I purchased from you? Yes with a modest delivery and planting charge which also includes stakes, mulch and a warranty.
  • Will you deliver a tree that is purchased from you if I want to plant it myself? Yes with a delivery charge.
  • Do you grow your own trees or bring them in for re-sale? Both. We have grown over 2200 trees and over 50 varieties here at LaSalle Landscape Supply’s nursery; but we also order trees from major Ontario wholesalers for large projects, special order or unique specimens.
  • What is your warranty on purchases? When we plant the tree or shrub, we generally warranty one year from the date of purchase; and with your proper care of the item. We can provide you a copy of our warranty policy upon request. No warranty on do-it-yourself plantings.
  • How are your prices in comparison with the competition? Our policy is to maintain competitive prices with all other bona-fide tree farms and garden centres. If you find a product of same variety, size and condition--we ask that you give us the opportunity to match or beat anyone’s best written quote.
  • Do you sell smaller shrubs and flowers? We do have some shrubs and smaller items in our display area. We are willing to work with you regarding shrub, speciality tree varieties or unique items. We have a working relationship with garden centres in the local area and wholesalers throughout Ontario--and have a strong desire to take care of our good customers. Should you want to add a quantity of any small plant material (like flowers) that we do not have on display, we would welcome the opportunity to help you.
  • Why is the botanical name of a tree so important? The Latin or botanical name is extremely important when selecting a tree variety because there are literally dozens of variations in each species. When asking for a tree by the common name—which can vary from location to location—the botanical name gets you the exact tree. We can assist you in picking the appropriate tree for your needs.
  • Are there some varieties of trees that are particularly tolerant of extreme conditions, such as salt, clay, arid and so forth? Yes, in fact many varieties can tolerate an assortment of extreme conditions. Contact us for more help on what your conditions are.
  • Do you have a list of trees that attract birds, wildlife and other unique qualities? Yes we do have several useful handouts on attracting wildlife and other interesting sub topics like native species, fall colour favourites, deer resistant and also species recommended for growing in Essex County.
  • Do you offer other landscaping services such as design, construction and related products Yes, definitely! We also provide hardscape supplies such as some stone, edging, mulch, topsoil, etc as well as design and installation. Or we can recommend our associate company, Garlatti Landscape Inc. depending on the size of the project.

Feel free to ask us questions on anything else that we may not have answered. We are here to serve you!