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Grass Seed

In 2015, we added grass seed to our product line. Available in bags of 25lb or 50lb and all are lateral spread blends developed with proprietary technology.

Best for patching spots or establishing a new lawn. (30% bluegrass, 30% fescue, 40% ryegrass)

  • Estate LS Great mixture for clay and loam soils (50% bluegrass, 20% fescue, 30% ryegrass)
  • Deluxe Overseed LS Solid quality mixture for overseeding on most soil types (20% bluegrass, 20% fescue, 60% ryegrass)
  • Sun and Shade LS Nice mixture for lawn with both sunny and shady areas (40% bluegrass, 35% fescue, 20% ryegrass, 5% trivialis)
  • Traditional Best for patching up spots or establishing a new lawn (30% bluegrass, 30% fescue, 40% ryegrass)

How much seed do you need? Here's the answer:

Application rate of 5-7 lbs. per 1000 square feet for new establishment and patching. Half rate for thickening.