Japanese Maple

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Japanese Maple Acer palmatum

'Bloodgood' Japanese Maple: Start 125cm/7gal at $265.00 - red, large leaved

Red bark 'Sango Kaku': Start 150cm/15gal at $329.00 - green leave on red bark stems

Fancy cutleaf 'Inaba Shidare': Start price 125cm/5gal at $220.00 - small red leaved

Cutleaf 'Viridis': Start 125cm BB at $299.00 - small, lacey green leaved

Japanese Maple are a desired, ornamental tree having over 1,000 cultivars from very small bonsai to the larger ‘Bloodgood’. These trees are available in the popular red leaves to traditional green. We select an assortment of size and color and can custom order a particular variety for you.

Most of these Japanese Maple will turn red to oranges in the fall. The branches arch and droop with the cutleaf variety and many have a feathery look. Place these trees near the house; great for all size properties as a pretty accent tree.