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Landscape Supplies

Mulch & Topsoil

Two of our staple and much sold products are natural mulch and screened topsoil. These are available at our 8455 Broderick Rd site where you can stop in and pick up what you need or we offer delivery to your location. Our prices are very competitive!


High Quality "Premium Pine". This natural product is distinguished from cheaper mulches by its superior color retention and slower breakdown characteristics. It is a russet color. In 2016 — We added “Black Beauty” mulch which is colored a solid black; and also “Red Devil” which is a fiery red color. We also carry a brown mulch which is a bit darker than Premium Pine.

Bulk by the Yard — a yard will cover approximately 100 square feet spread out at a depth of about 3” [2.5cm] thick. Our staff can help you calculate what you need based on your demensions.


We have our own screener on site and make soil regularly. Our soil is a mix of local, salvaged soils. This general purpose soil is good for making berms, top dressing lawns, back filling trees and starting a floral garden. Sold in bulk by the yard only.

Stake and Wire Tie-up Kits

Ask us about our stake and wire tie-up kits for stabilizing trees. We can provide you with 6ft metal or bamboo stakes and 4ft of galvanized wire with hose protector to help hold a tree in place.

Landscaper or contractor discounts to certified trade accounts are available on most products.

Contact our office for details….we are always prepared to help you.