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Recommended Reading

Trees of the Carolinian Forest — a Guide to Species, their Ecology and Uses – by Gerry Walden © 2003 - Very informative and illustrated book by Essex county’s own 'tree guru'

Landscape Plants — Their Identification, Culture and Use – by Ferrel M. Birdwell © 1994 – An excellent publication with some of the best color illustrations and helpful landscape notes

Manual of Woody Landscape Plants: Their Identification, Ornamental Characteristics, Culture, Propagation and Uses – by Michael A Dirr [also in book form, © 1975, several revisions] — This is widely used in the industry and academia; it is arranged in dictionary format and is technical


Should you want to research a bit more before coming to our location, here are a few online sites that can be accessed from the links below:

  • Connon NVK Nurseries |

    Excellent pictures and basic information - Go to tab 'Plant Library'

  • Mumby's Tree Service |

    Arborists' information on tree care and additional resources

  • Sester Farms |

    Good pictures, information – must use botanical names

  • State of Ohio, USA |

    Scroll down the left side to tab “Trees”; click on 'trees', click on 'Common Ohio Trees' – this will lead you to information on tree types that are common to our area as part of the Carolinian Forest

  • Garlatti Landscape |

    Landscape design, consultation and installations; all season service