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We provide professional tree planting when you purchase a tree from LaSalle Landscape Supply. Planting charges vary according to the size of the tree or shrub. An additional, but small delivery fee will be added based on the distance to the project in the Windsor-Essex region. When we plant, we also properly stake and mulch and provide a limited warranty. If you choose to plant yourself, we will give you instructions on the best method to install your new tree or shrub.

Tree Moving:

We have equipment to safely move a deciduous (shade) or evergreen tree. The shade tree must be smaller than 5”/90mm trunk at the base or an evergreen of similar proportion. Our skid steer track loader and compact Dutchman 4-blade tree spade can dig 26” to 36” root ball up to 1000lb. in weight. It is able to manoeuver in confined spaces with low ground pressure. Please contact our office for an on-site evaluation and quote. All quotes are based on hourly rate plus materials.

Tree Removal:

Our removal service is restricted to the size of the tree. We do not remove larger than 4” trunk diameter and under 15’ tall. We can either sub-contract or refer you to a reputable professional tree removal company. Call us for details or advice.


We will work with you to create your ideal landscape. LaSalle Landscape Supply is always ready to confer with you on your project. We can help provide plant material and hardscape supplies as well as a design plan. Talk with Dan or Dennis about your project.

Memorial Trees:

We have been approached about a tree, large shrub or standard as a memorial to someone special. We can help you with your selection and placement of a dedication tree or plant.


We are always willing to work with our customers; and have supplied trees, shrubs and small plants on a rental basis for special occasions. Call or email our office for more details.


We can provide pruning service for your property by horticulturally trained individuals at an hourly rate. Our service is restricted to low level, ground based work since we do not have aerial equipment that can reach higher than 10ft above ground. Please contact us for a quote or advice.