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Landscape Supplies


All our stone products are sold in bulk by the yard. You can come and pick up what you need or contact us for delivery to your site. A yard of stone will weigh at least a ton [2000lbs] or more…be prepared.


3/4 crushed stone mixed with grit—great for driveways, drainage, or edging. Do not use as an under base for walkway pavers.


A mixture of crushed stone and fine stone grit to be used as a base under pavers and walkway stones—compacts nicely.


Assortment mix of round beachstone with nice color and sizes from one inch to around 4 inches—great for landscape beds, ground covers, drainage, around pools, to make natural pathways and so much more.

3/4 Clear

Crushed stone with no additional grit or fine binders; very clean. Application use for drainage, driveways, pathways and other uses where 'fines' are not desirable.


We can provide them on customer request. Contact us to see what we have on site or could special order for your project.